Welcome to NGB Email Builder

Welcome to the documentation of the Next-Generation eXtensible Email Builder or shorter NGB Email Builder.
NGB Email Builder is an Angular library that contains a bunch of abstract classes, services, directives, pipes, and other Angular tools that you can use to create your own email builder.
You need to have a basic understanding of Angular to use this library. If you don't know Angular, you can learn it here. This library contains many features so it might be a bit overwhelming at first.
But don't worry, this documentation will help you to get started.

Some of the features of this library are:

  • Drag and drop builder (blocks, columns).
  • Responsive emails (mobile friendly) based on the MJML framework.
  • Customize the builder to look like your brand - custom templates
  • Middleware to allow or disallow certain actions (e.g. disallow adding a new block) - middleware
  • Custom blocks (e.g. a block that allows you to add a product to the email) - custom blocks
  • Change the content of the email with a simple API (useful for dynamic emails) - dynamic emails
  • Export the email as HTML or MJML (useful for debugging) - exporting emails
  • And many more...
This is just a short introduction to the library, check the website for more information.
Without further ado, let's get started!