This article explains how to install NGX Email Builder.
There are a few ways to install NGB Email Builder, we'll cover them all. Choose the one that suits you best.

Free version from npm

The free version is available on npm, so you can install it with your favorite package manager. Go to the npm organization page and choose the template you want to install.

Maybe other ideas? Some from the list below?

  • Foundation.
  • Bulma.
  • Semantic UI.
  • UIKit.
  • Chakra UI.
  • Ant Design.
Let us know in the Discord channel.
@wlocalhost/ngx-email-builder package is the base for all templates, you don't need to install it separately.
Follow the instructions of the chosen template to install it.
The paid version is available on Gumroad. You can download it from there and install it manually.

Module federation

Yes, we're going to add support for module federation too, as soon as we'll have our website ready. It would be a good opportunity to test it.