The IpPreviewLinkPipe pipe dynamically creates and revokes a URL object link for previewing an email. It is useful when you want to create a preview link from an IPEmail object.



This method transforms the IPEmail object to a SafeUrl object for previewing. It returns an Observable of SafeUrl object that can be used for previewing.
  • value: The IPEmail object to be previewed.
  • An Observable<SafeUrl> that can be used for previewing.


This method revokes the object URL link on component destruction to free memory.


Here's an example:
<!-- Preview email -->
<iframe [src]="email | ipPreviewLink" width="100%" height="500"></iframe>
It uses an <iframe> as a container to display the email preview within the current web page.
The [src]attribute binds the email variable to the <iframe>'s source URL, enabling the preview generation through the ipPreviewLink pipe.
Dynamically loading and presenting the corresponding email content is achieved by the <iframe>.
To fit the available space, the <iframe> has a width of 100% and a fixed height of 500 pixels.
This code allows the display of an email preview in an based on the email variable.
The <iframe> occupies full width and has a fixed height of 500 pixels.